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The Continent of Kashmar



The Dragon Kingdom of Sandarrok
Last of the Goblin Kingdoms Takalr
The Kingdom of Malakar
The Free Cities of Andoria
The Nomad Peoples of the Zantyl Desert
The Serpent Nation of Akothi
The Empire of Great Kesh
The southern Realms of Nam Brakar, Ral Torath, and Kanjayar
The Great Alliance
The empire of the Wolfmen
The Eledrin Realm of Elyan
The Sea Dwarves of Braegor
The Hermit Kingdom of Esanolia
Gnome Realms of Yoland and Birian, between them Elven Elindol, Seat of the Council of Immortals
The only Halfling Nation of the Shires
The Ocean peoples of the Embar and the Lords of the Sea
The Forbidden Island of Koduron

Main Page

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